Summary of events and characters

Battle of lexington- April,19,1775
Battle of Concord
2nd Continental congress- May,1775
Battle of Bunker hill- June,17,1775
Olive Branch petition- January,1775
Common Sense- January, 1776
British Evacuate Boston- March,17,1776
Congress votes for independence- July,4,1776
New York City is captured by British- september 1776
Crossing the delaware- december,26,1777
Battle of Trenton
Battle of Princeton- January,3,1777
British recapture Ticonderoga- july,5,1777
British capture Philadelphia- september,11,1777
Battle of Saratoga- october,1777
Continental Army camps of valley forge- December,1777
Treaty of Alliance- february,6,1778

Patriots. British

-George Washington. -Lord Howe
-Lafayette. -Thomas Gage
-Henry Knox. -Charles Cornwallis
-Ethan Allen. – Burgois John
-Thomas Paine
-Roger Clark
-Mary Hays
-Bernardo de Galvez
-Battle of monmouth- june,28,1778

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Factors favoring the Patriots victory over Britain.

As we all know when the war started we thought the British would win but luck was at patriot’s side. Many factors influenced in the war for the patriots to obtain victory. The first one was the overlaps of cofidence and the lack of seriousness from the british, then the british misunderstood the war, they thought it was a classical european war in which people fight for land or for honoring a king, but this time, it was different, it was a revolutionary war in which they fought for freedom and life. From this point now on in history everything went downfall for the british, their were loosing all the battles against the patriots, first the battles of Lexington and Concord, then Princeton after trenton, then the battle of Bunkerhill, and later on the battle of monmouth. The main factor for the win of the patriots was their alliance with the french, and thier secretly alliance with the spanish, they provided the patriots with ammo, knowledge, supplies, men. This were some of the most known events that led to the victory of the Patriots against Britain.

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The British early victories.

Early victories won by the british.
In the south as in the north the british win most of the battles and capture many sea ports. The british used their advantage in quantity and attacked many patriot strategic spots, the british’s first attack was in late 1778, they capture Savannah, Georgia. This was a battle to remember because at this point of time in history the patriots had a great advantage because of the alliance with France, and the Spanish, but after they lost this battle they continued fighting like heros and stud up fr themselves.
They second British attack was considered as the biggest blow the patriots had suffered in a single battle. At the spring 1780, the British capture Charleston, South Carolina, and capture 5,000 patriot soldiers.
This was one of the best moves the British had performed in years.
This event is known as one of the most harsh attacks the Continental Army had recieved.
The third and last victory the British had was in the summer of 1780, the british capture Camden, South Carolina.

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Military turning points

There was a very important person his name was James Monroe. This was a 18 year old boy who fought really hard for his country and later he became the fifth president of the United States of America.


(James Monroe)

In 1777 Washington had a mother Victory. One night he invited the general Charles Cornwallis. They went to Princeton. This was called the Battle of Princeton in which Washington won Princeton. The General Burgoyne was a British general. He came from Canada into the Hudson River valley that was the Patriots territory, they wanted to capture New York but they fell into the the Patriot trap on Saratoga. He had to surrender his army on October of 1777


(Charles Cornwallas)

(Battle of Princeton)

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The continental Army Faces Challenges


(Colonel George Washington)

George Washington,
1777-1778 his army spend weeks on a place called Valley Forge. They suffer cold and hunger. His army had to suffer. They didn’t have help from anyone and they were hungry,didn’t had coats, boats and also had to support very cold weathers. So he wrote a letter to congress asking for help. In this letter he wrote that there will be only three options if they dint receive help:
* dissolve
* die of hunger

They answer back and they did receive help. A man called Baron Von Steuben, helped them and train them. He show them discipline,organization and also how to fight on battles. Steuben was a really good trainer. Patriots learned many things from him. In June of 1778 they were able to maid British evacuate Philadelphia. Patriots made them retreat into New York.
There was a battle called Monmoth in New Jersey. They had a battle there and Washington was after them, in this battle a legend says that Molly Pitcher fired a cannon after his husband die, women start fighting in war.


(Molly Pitcher firing, dead husband cannon)

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The European allies enter the war


(Battle of Saratoga)

The victory of Saratoga encourage France to follow the Americans. France help colonists with lots of weapons. One french volunteer his help, his name was Marquis de Lafayette.
Patriot general help there army a lot with knowledge and motivation.

After Saratoga they risk and open alliance. People would know that France helped a lot the colonists. In 1778 if February was done the Alliance of the Patriots with France.
Benjamin Franklin has a very important role cause he was sent with Thomas Jefferson to France with a delegation. He was sent as a normal American that love France,this was a lie it was all plan. In this way he became popular because if proposing himself like a lover of France.
The alliance will make a big victory in 1781.

British people suffer another blow in 1779 when Spanish people allied the French. Spanish and French allied because they could not ally the patriots ’cause they were revolutionaries and they had colonists. Bernardo de Galvez government of Louisiana provided money, many supplies to patriots and prevents British ships O enter the Mississippi River at Neworleans.

(Benjamin Franklin)

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Thomas Paine radical proposal

Thomas Paine wrote this proposals:

1) independence from Britain was necessary.
2) Republican state
3) Union for the new states.

He want the common people to elect all the government not just a port.
He elected the king as the greatest enemy of America, the British government were smothering the people are they couldn’t advances financially.
Free from the empire, the americans would be able to trade with this get the liberty to decide. By uniting them, they will become a model to the rest of the world by rejecting aristocrats

Thanks to this revolutionary war, that the colonies did, the world saw how unfair was
That aristocrats, kings, and other rich people, had the power to vote, for liberty, and
Thanks to the model they saw they fought against those who controlled them,
And many more revolution happened, like the Russian revolution.


(Thomas Paine)

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